looks are decieving in awsome ways.

March 22, 2010
By oriel BRONZE, Miami, Florida
oriel BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
what you put into life is what you get back.
-grandma. (inspired by]

look into my eyes can you see my pain?
can you see the scar on my heart?
can you remember my name?

as the girl who never had the chance to speak.
but was made to believe she had no power so was always weak.

trying to make this clean but my pain is explicit.
i am the victim but yet im being convicted.

screaming in the middle of night.
staring at everything around me but no peers in sight.

hole in my heart
breeze going threw
im suffering but still asking myself what did i do?

free in body, but inside im in jail
hurt in several ways but im still mad as hell.

so much hurt in 24 hours exactly one day.
seem you like to cause misery on me because you know exactly what to say.

the day had came i got my things with no good byes
few days later phone calls around i heard about your cries.

trying to find the stregnth but its not easy to forgive.
after all ive been through with you and the way i had to live.

stab me with your feelings
shoot me with your reasons
blame me for others mistakes and still had me believing.

that it was me this whole time im over whelmed now and its messing with my mind.

i dont think we'll ever see each other again
i think i just need some time for my heart to mend .

close your eyes and cout to ten because you have a new life ahead of you and this is the end.


The author's comments:
what inspired me to write this was the fact that ive over come so much in the past. i felt as if i never had the oppurtunity to establish the way i felt of any situation that came upon me. which was made for me to believe i had no power to voice my emotions. the day finally came where i was strong enough in the right areas to be helped, guided and the ability to speak from within and have no fear what so ever about life meanings through pain.

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