Happily Never After

May 16, 2008
By Tara Fisher, Lonedell, MO

I’ll stop pretending
That I love you
This fairytale ending
Just can’t come true
‘Cause it’s not right
It’s not okay
I can’t live a lie
Every single day

We both know
The feelings have been fading
So just let go
Before it becomes more complicating

I’ve counted the days
And the weeks that have passed
Watching us drift away
And knowing we won’t last

It’s about time
That you finally knew
These feelings of mine
No, I don’t love you
And I’m so sorry
That I’m not the one
I can’t make you happy
The final page is done

I see you cry
Fall down to your knees
With this final goodbye
I’ll set us free
‘Cause I’ve seen the heartache
That you tried to hide
And I’ve felt your heart break
Shattered inside

I know that you wish
It doesn’t have to be this way
We had something precious
How could I throw it away?

You want me to see
The tears that you cry
You want me to be
Guilty inside
And I must admit
That’s how I feel
But I’ll deal with it
‘Cause wounds eventually heal

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