March 21, 2010
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So just break my heart, replace me.
Work of art, you defaced me.
Don’t mind my eyes, they’re just leaking.
Don’t mind my mouth, its just pleading.
Don’t mind my hands, they’re just shaking.
Don’t mind those strange sounds, I’m just screaming.

I am bleeding,
The red liquid, it’s flowing.
I hide it by merely smiling.
The lies, they are gradually piling.
What do you want me to do? Admit that I’m broken?
Admit I fell in love, that my heart was stolen?
Admit I am vulnerable, that I am weak.
Do you see the effort it takes to merely speak?

No I shall never give you the satisfaction!
Even if it ultimately leads to my destruction!
So you ripped me
Gradually, slowly.
So you are the reason for the hole that is my heart
What do you want? A medal for your lurid work of art?
So you caused scars where the human eye cannot see.
What? What more do you want from me?

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