The Swingline

May 16, 2008
By patrick deffendall, Hendersonville, TN

Sitting placid
On your desk
Never moving
Always at rest

Or is it thinking?
Waiting? Wishing?
Of some good old times
Its missing?

Is it angry? Is it sad?
Is it bummed out?
Would it rather
Be plaid?

Is it hungry? Ambitious?
Can-do attitude?
Or does it say, “Nah,
I’m not in the mood.”

Does it prefer rock?
Hip-hop style?
Maybe silence helps it
Accomplish its guile

Maybe it likes you
Thinks you the stuff
But it probably doesn’t
It’s had enough

This complex creature
That everyone is seeing
No one takes the time
To consider its being

Mabye I’m bored
A crazy man
Pen and paper
Too much time on my hands

But here the Swingline
Fully able
Just needs some
Documents to staple

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