March 21, 2010
By kpod5 GOLD, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
kpod5 GOLD, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
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After all these months we are now together.
All the confusion is gone, this is so much better.
Lust turns to love and every day our love grows stronger.
I can’t get over how perfect we are together.

Looking into your beautiful blue eyes,
I see the ocean.
Hints of green show the trees against the cloud-covered sky.
Look at this perfection.

It’s not just the honeymoon stage,
this will last forever,
I know.
Forever is a long time,
I know that also.
Everything simply feels right when I’m with you.

Forever until the sun blows up,
until pigs fly,
until it’s sunny every day of the year,
until teleportation exists.

I had never had a definition of perfection until these days.
Happiness fills my soul when you are with me;
You’re there, I’m here: I long to be with you.
Oh the joy when we see each other.

You make each hour, each minute the best of my day,
everything you do, everything you say.
Thinking about it takes my breath away.
I know everything will stay this way.

We don’t plan to leave.
We do plan to stay.
We will stay forever this way.

Forever is a long while…

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