May 16, 2008
Every time that he starts screaming
Inside I slowly start bleeding
Easily I can hide or mask the pain
But I no longer know about staying sane
Those piercing words that slowly rip me apart
It will take sometime to mend this heart.
Though the wounds of betrayal and hate stay
I know it won’t always be this way
All I ask is for him to let me
Let me be, what I want to be
Let me live my own life
Without him I could live without strife
Please don’t look down on me
Because I know you may disagree
Now I know why people turn to suicide
To escape the things going on worldwide
But that is the weaker side of the track
The one on which I don’t want to go back
Because of him I’ve dealt with that pain
This pain were everyone leaves you out in the rain
When everyone turned their backs on me
Slowly started to cry as I fell to one knee
I look through a teary eye full of hate
As I take a look at this last debate
I don’t want to keep going on like this
Because I’m the person that no one will ever miss.
So I will leave my home, the place I have lived for so long
In search of the place and that somewhere I will belong

"This will certify that the above work is completely original."

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