The Forgiving Forest

March 20, 2010
The sound of the dead leaves
Crunching under your feet
As you walk skillfully through the trees
The cool breeze nipping at your nose
The water from the puddles
Drowning your toes
The bitter smell of rotting logs
resting on the ground
Swarming with creepy frogs
The still loneliness of the forest
Demonstrating the way the world should be
Looking out for the richest and the poorest
All your troubles vanish in thin air
The true meaning of fair
The sight of all types of birds
Disappearing into the sky
The deer grazing in the still grass with their herd
The forest is completely zen
Not living but not dead
It will be your friend
Somehow gets into your head
The most peaceful place in the world
The foot prints left from the kids
Showing the place where they twirled
We all have good times
we don’t have to worry about spending our nickels and dimes
So the forest is a place where we can all get away
And forget about the bad day

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