The Citizen Soldier!

March 20, 2010
By SunnyG SILVER, Bear, Delaware
SunnyG SILVER, Bear, Delaware
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my life is like a crack in a mirror with 7 years of bad luck and it aint gettin better

Bullets beaming at the speed of light
Bombs crashing to the ground sending the enemy into the stage of fright
Bodies change and pass
Spirits linger from the past
Beyond the boundaries of the cities lights
Its hard to sleep through the cold nights
Even though we can use the contribution
War isn’t the only solution
For the dead ones which we mourn
For taking a risk and life by the horns
The flag still flies to this day
But is war the only way
The smell of gun powder in the open air
Dried blood stained into your hair
The bitter taste of lives being taken
Because you have America’s future in your hands they begin shaking
Your life flashes in front of your eyes
A little bit of you dies inside
So can we find another way
Or just keep putting it off another day
As time goes by we are just taking lives
then another one dies
You’re running like a scared little girl
The sense of death makes you want to hurl
The day has come to put our foot down
At the thought of war we begin to frown

The author's comments:
this poem was written for two people for my uncle for his birthday and a soldier in iraq

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