the invisible murder

March 20, 2010
I take new victims everyday
Finding a cure is like finding a needle in hay
I can last from birth to death
Getting me can be worse then doing meth
Im coming after you
I wont regret what I do
I slip through your fingers
The spirits of the dead ones linger
With 2.5 million gone
In my case I already won
Another AIDS coffin
This will happen so often
You can raise as much as you want
But im on the hunt
There is no stopping me
even if you flee
At even 10 years old
I can make you fold
Hope and pray you don’t get me
I’ll walk beside you but you will not see me
I can put you to sleep or sentence you for life
You can not take me out with a bullet or a knife
You think I come from sniffing glue
Or even from getting hit with a shoe
Well neither are true
I come from your parents or your sexual relations
I understand your temptations
Neither you and I can make it end
Just think of me as a killing trend
I cant be caught
nor can I be fought
So good luck in the near future
getting me is pure torture

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