March 20, 2010
What's happening to me?

I guess I couldn't see,
The face that lies beneath,
The dazzling mask.

Led me on and then,

I thought you were my friend,
That this could never end,
I couldn't apprehend,
Your intentions could kill.
It wasn't worth the thrill.

What is it to feel?

Stop and think what's real,
between what's hidden by,
the Masquerade.

How could this happen to me?

Never knew how to be
smart enough to see
now I plea
Let me go,

I beg you so.

A hidden threat,
A masquerade man,
A stalking regret,
A hidden plan

The man beneath the mask,
Had a devilish task,
Beware and be afraid,
of the devious masquerade.

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