“Longing For That Day”

May 16, 2008
By Mercedes Cherricks, Middletown, DE

This is no sunlight, no breeze,
No silhouette, or autumn,
Just sorry rainbow expressions,
Dead leaves, and painted smiles
On all of the lonely faces.
Where does it all come from?
In the wind, I hear the song that
The caged dove sings. But, in its
Short reply, a faint breath, the dove
Begins to weep. Free now, is the soul
Whose body is one with the earth,
Whose spirit is in the sky! I’ll be
Longing for that day; Not to die,
But to be free. For the caged dove
Longs to spread its wings, to break
Away, to fly! Until my sweet escape,
I’ll stay, waiting for the sun;
And the caged dove will continue
To weep, and sing its song of freedom.

“Free At Last! Free At Last!
Thank God, Almighty!
I’m Free At Last!”

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