May 19, 2008
By Ashley McAlpin, Simi Valley, CA

You have to reel them in
Not too quickly, you can’t be obvious about it
But you have to do it
Reel them in, SLOWLY

“Ahoy, Ahoy” My Capt’n shouts
The father and daughter turn about
“You’re looking for your first car.”
It’s not a question
They nod, so do I

Reverently he places his hand
On the polished hull of a corvette
“She’s a beaut
Try your hand at the helm.”
The daughter slides her palms
Over the steering wheel
He’s lashing her in

“Take a look at the starboard,”
She looks, she loves
Her fingers in square knots
“How much?”

“Too much.” Her Dad replies
She falls off, and they start to bear away
I think all is lost
But wait
“We’re having a sail.” Booms the captain

They come back,
this Endeavor has not capsized yet

This model is a dinghy
Held together with sales pitch
The captain blows words like wind
“This car can break horizons” He says

Contract in hand
The Dad seizes the course
X marks the spot

I wave them goodbye
And good luck
Then they head off into the setting orange sun

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