The Boxer

March 26, 2010
By utley26phan BRONZE, Malvern, Pennsylvania
utley26phan BRONZE, Malvern, Pennsylvania
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I gulp down the rest of my monster,
And head down to Caesar's Palace.
I anxiously walk to my locker room.
I slide on my shorts.
After I put in my cup.
I pray for minutes but seems like hours.
I am almost ready.
I slip on my light soled shoes.
My trainer wraps my wrist with tape.
I place my mouth guard firmly on my teeth,
And slide on my gloves and robe.
It is time,
I slowly make the walk to the ring.
I see my full-of-himself opponent.
I walk to the center,
Of the ring,
And tap gloves.
I go back to my corner for my last,
Sip of water.
It is about to start.
I get up,
And my trainer removes the stool from the ring.
The bell rings like church bells.
We circle the ring a few times,
Then he starts in and swings.
I dodge it and attack.
With all of my might,
To his stomach.
The bell sounds again.
I get another drink.
Round 2 starts.
This time I make the mistake.
I charge and he moves.
I miss.
I turn around and the first thing I see is,
His fist sprinting towards me.
I feel dizzy.
i feel blood ozzing from my mouth and nose.
Bell rings.
Get my drink and use the water to wash off some of the blood.
Round 3,
Nothing happens.
It is the 12th and final round,
We are both bloodied and bruised,
the bell rings.
There he goes throwing,
The first punch.
It connects to my stomach,
I get the breathe knocked out of me.
He thinks he has won when he throws the second.
Not this time.
I dodge it,
and throw the hardest punch,
I have ever thrown.
It surprisingly connects with his temple.
He collaspes.

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