The Forgotten Forest

March 26, 2010
By lilgro BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
lilgro BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
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As the sun went to sleep and the clouds turned gray,
Nothing could be worse on that terrible day.
And a man stumbled through the forgotten forest
And the birds sang in a loving chorus.

Suddenly, he stared up at the sky,
And at the top of his lungs he screamed, “Please God, Why?”
The man had scratches all along his face,
And he knew he just wouldn’t make it at his pace.

He just trotted through the snow
Where a cold chill would blow,
Then he fell to his knees, in a final plea for help
But when he tried to scream, it came out as a yelp.

Shivering, he laid down on the ground,
There, he figured, he’d be safe and sound.
But there still lied one final task
And his energy reserves just had to ask.

He gathered himself, hoping death is alright
And he picked up a stick, and began to write
“My Love, My Love by now I’m dead,
For Zeus did not take me, but Hades instead.”

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