Death By Winter

March 26, 2010
By melissaschubert BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
melissaschubert BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
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He didn’t know where he was anymore,
He had no idea where to go.
The old man stood alone in the woods,
As it lightly started to snow.

His shivers and quivers were all her could hear,
As panic rushed through his head.
The only place he wanted to be,
Was at home in his warm bed.

Now the snow was a thick winter blanket,
Covering the whole ground.
The old man started to lose all hope,
All hope that he would be found.

See, he was just taking a winter stroll,
On this peaceful, pleasant night.
But a tree branch fell and startled him,
And he ran away in fright.

The winter was fighting a bitter battle,
Against the poor old chap.
Unfortunately, he lost this war,
And began his endless nap.

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