Ode to Skittles

March 26, 2010
By lizzk05 BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
lizzk05 BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
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Oh, taste the rainbow,
Colors so bright,
I ponder over you,
All day and all night.

You are out of this world,
Food of the gods
When I taste your colorful combinations,
We are two peas in one pod.

Tie dye of swirling colors,
Cascading from the sky,
Only in my dreams,
For you I would die.

Tornado of colors,
Explosions in my mouth.
Red, purple, yellow, green,
You make me want to shout.

Oh I love you so very much.
You bring me up when I am low.
How good you taste in my mouth,
Feel and taste the rainbow.

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