The Box Marked Winter

March 26, 2010
By lillylozeau BRONZE, Malvern, Pennsylvania
lillylozeau BRONZE, Malvern, Pennsylvania
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The Box Marked Winter

Resting on my bed, searching out the window,
I see small snowflakes as cold as an ice cube.
I ponder about what I should put in my box marked winter…

Should I bring New York City, the smell of chestnuts roasting?
On frosty street corners waiting to be eaten.
People yelling for cabs trying to catch one down to
Be off to work. Rats are black with dirty snow, scurry across the street
Trying to find the coziest home to stay warm from the harsh breeze that blows outside.
Clash, bang the carts make as people push them to a more popular place.
Of should I bring my house? The place I’m most familiar with.
My warm room, filled with blankets and pillows.
Downstairs hot hot chocolate is waiting for me as usual.
Grabbing it and walking into the playroom with windows as big as skyscrapers,
Opens up a new world.
Outside, the snow is a wonderland. Frosted trees and plants, sit in the cold. Trucks with huge yellow plows crawl carefully up the street trying not to slide back down.
They plow the snow away leaving a bare, shivering street

I will bring New York City and its beautiful Central Park.
Snowy winds carrying chills over the city.
Whenever I get homesick, ill bring my home just in case I need to crawl back in and snuggle in my warm, cozy bed.

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