She'd Never Ever Forget

March 26, 2010
Staring at the swings was harder than I thought
Salt water strained from my eyes
As I tried and tried to hold my composure
When you’ve lost a best friend like a sister
Its not easy
At all
The swing held those kind of memories that
Could play all day in your mind
even though they’re long behind
We used to walk
Skip and run
to the park after school
We always had fun hanging out
But it was never the same, never
When I found out she was sick
I didn’t believe it at first
But I knew I had to
Hospital visits occurred more often
Each night I prayed
prayed that she would still be there for
another visit
Days went on
and she became
sicker and sicker
The day came
When her eyes would shut for the last time
I told her she would never be forgotten
and she’d always be my sister and best friend
Tears streamed down my cheeks like a river
As I wondered why, why, why
this had to happen to my best friend

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mem15 said...
May 20, 2010 at 12:17 pm
good job natalie
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