Sick of Tryin PT2 (My Tears)

May 20, 2008
By Louvenia Haliburton, Detroit, MI

I am still trying.
Trying to ease my pain, trying to ease my tears.
I am trying to find my way, but right now.
I’m just sick of trying!
I’m sick of going to school, trying to find a house to stay in, sick of trying to find where my next meal will be coming from.
The more I try to help myself, nobody wants to help me.
I am so sick of pushing, and getting pushed into a brick wall.
Is there a way out?
Is there a way to just leave and never come back?
My tears are always falling, but there is nobody to wipe them away.
I pray, and I pray so hard and nothing seems to happen.
I want my mother to get better, and I want a house that is filled with love rather than sadness, and confusion.
I want my good life here on earth, not just in heaven.
I pray, wish, and hope things would change, but I am just so damn

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