March 25, 2010
By Anonymous

They swoop down and slaughter the innocent,
No one knows where they're from, or where they've been,
Think happy thought, happy thoughts, my mantra for all time,
Because I can't defend myself from assaults on my heart and mind.

I enter the field of batlle, with good memories as my sword,
I see my enemies upon my throne, and its them I'm heading toward,
We lock gazes and as we stand staring eye to eye,
I know that thus begins the fight for control of my heart and mind.

Self injury and depression, tough obstacles I overcome,
But I stand and am struck, by guilt and shame for what I've done,
I hadn't expected attacks of that caliber and kind,
So I begin to doubt if I'll win back my heart and mind.

Memories, though they were my aid, can turn on you on a dime,
For its they that struck the final blow in the loss of my heart and mind.

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