September 1, 2007
By Catherine Stroh, Slatington, PA

The universe grazes my fingertips,
Kisses my drooping eyelashes,
And ever so slightly shifts,
As in through my window it gradually drifts.
My curtains dance and
Welcome the warm summer breeze,
And I am familiarized with the crickets
Striking up conversation in the trees.
Shadows that hide along my walls
Beg me to finally fall asleep
they can have a party
And under my bed begin to creep.
Sounds of neighbors screeching
And thumping bass that is not so polite
Wander through my window
ask to stay for the night.
Words and ideas overflow from my brain,
Slowly causing it to go numb,
I tell them to go away
But they just invite more friends to come.
The stars shine like crazy diamonds
Until they inevitably become lazy,
And I can no longer see them For the sky bids them goodnight in a blanket that is hazy.
My lava lamp hypnotizes me into a psychedelic trance
Which melts away my insomniac frustrations,
And I sink even further
Into the depths of my late night contemplations.
Eventually my walls are no longer drenched In the moonÕs glistening light,
And as the sunrise splashes my face I reflect on another sleepless night.

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