The Game

March 25, 2010
By LauraMay DIAMOND, Argyle, New York
LauraMay DIAMOND, Argyle, New York
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Favorite Quote:
Be who you are. Don't be anything less.
Strength isn't just measured by how much pain you can take.

Seeing you smile makes my heart sing
a song that bursts within me
deep into my soul
spilling my desires
jumbling my thoughts
Does he fell the same way?
Will he love forever or just continue to play his game?
Until, to the very least, leave my every hope
lying flat on the floor
face down
the life sucked out
clean and dry
with no song left to sing
no desires left to spill
no thoughts left jumble
no heart left to beat
worst being my soul ripped open
propped up for all to see
While you run around
leaving me to face this agony
thinking you never had the strenght
to mend a bleeding heart
Repeat is what you did
Punctured new holes
until my heart gave way
from all the bullts you fired
leaving a shredded piece of a whole
Never did you once upon a time
rescuing a maiden in distress
glued to her side
only to find
instead of love for you
she feels hate
For you did not save her
as you thought
Instead, you watched her downfall
from a distance
bearing a triumphant grin
when the mess was over
deciding she was never worth it
Never had a chance at a sewn up world
where everything is fair
where every love is true
'til the moment comes
for souls to part
for a new adventure
a new lifetime
to find each other again
when the time comes
to rebirth in this realm
taking chances
and seeing things
you thought
didn't exist
only to find
your beliefs changed
For better or worse?
Good or evil?
Life taking a course
you've never known,
wish you never had
'til it's too late
The heart breaks unnaturally
waiting to mend
but not getting a shot
even when willing it to
Never succeeding
never failing
lost forever in a stalemate
when you take a plunge
into the raging war
surrounding your every cell
Why did you do this?
Why must I suffer from your pain as well as mine?
Walls shoot up
but it's toolate
My heart crumbles
from all the weight
you were so intent
to lay upon me
while you laugh
and have the time of your life
no such thing as worry
for you at least
No thinking
acting on insticnts
no self control
like you're always done what you want
'til there's nothing left
of the world
except anger
willingness to hurt
whe nothing will stop you
until that hunger is met
and the thirst is quenched
running on nothing except desire
and insanity
Eventually it will stop,
your game will get old, you'll have everything you want
living by yourself
due to the fact
that every heart and soul
you've ever met
was crushed
by your childish game
'Til one day
an unsuspecting stranger
wll welcome you
to their home
showin you light
upon your ways
realizing what you did
was never right
never beneficial
for both parties
The mistakes you made
haunt your every move
crying out
for you to be
more then you were
or have ever been
in this lifetime
There will be a time
when you take back
every wrong you've done
and every heart you broke
They say timeheals all wounds
but the ones you caused
will never mend
You have the choice
to walk away
stay and fight
To back down because of failures
to hold your ground and face your fears
For whatever you choose
your life will change
and you will go to extreme measures
to set things right
with the world around
and the people you hurt
So at the end of the journey,
instead of your game
and other's heartbreak,
you are at peace
with yourself
and friends
with the hurt
Finally, your life
has change for the
greater good

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