Mixed Emotions Of A Teen.

March 25, 2010
By Richard BRONZE, PoteetTx, Texas
Richard BRONZE, PoteetTx, Texas
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Im Mad Cause Life Is So Unfair!
Im Annoyed With Hearing People Talk About Me!
Im Frustrated With The Way I Have To Lie And Cover Up The Real ME!
Im Flippin Out With Time On How Fast It's Going!
Im Lost With Out The One I Love!
Im Done With People Tossin Me To The Curb!
Im All These Feelings And None Of Them Are Good!
Im Mad, Annoyed, Frustrated, Flipped Out, Lost, Done
Im Suppose To Be...
Happy With Life Cause Im Blessed With People Who Surround Me With Care And Love!
Envyed Cuz People Love ME!
Screaming Out Who I Really Am!
Found Cuz Your Right Next To Me!
Appriciated For The Things I've Done For Yall!
But The Feelin I Wish I Had The Most In Side Of My Heart, My Soul Is.....
With This Feelin All My Friends Would Like Eachother!
With This Feelin The World Would Be A Better Place!
With This Feeling People Wouldnt Feel....
Mad, Annoyed, Frustrated, Flipped Out, Lost, Or Done!

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