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March 25, 2010
By inlovewitthesewords BRONZE, Lousville, Mississippi
inlovewitthesewords BRONZE, Lousville, Mississippi
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Favorite Quote:
"if practice makes perfect, but nobody is perfect, why practice" a friend's boyfriend

No one understands or tries to know the difference
So it’s me who gets tortured and told you need repentance
No one lives a life where all the hope is gone
So when I stand for battle I stand for it alone
No one cries tears for faith wanted yet faith dead
So if I try to recapture those tears turn crimson red
No one went through the journey just to make it out in hell
So I distaste those who tell me it will all be well
No one hears the voices telling them to take away
So it’s me who gets manic then depressed another day
No one closes their eyes and sees dreams unwanted
So mine is the only heart that is taunted
No one hears all the time that they are truly crazy
So when asked if I’ll get better I hear untruthful maybes
No one calls for God with a feeling of being forsaken
So people are truly confused when they hear my belief is not shaken

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