Pain and Hate

March 25, 2010
By DamianGonzalez BRONZE, Houston, Texas
DamianGonzalez BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Pain is hard, pain is strong, and Pain can affect your entire life.

Pain can be cured but it will never be recovered with the sharpness as a knife stabbing your heart.
Pain that is created and is taken deep can and will stay in and will not be recovered, no matter how much that you try to get it out.
The more that you try to get the pain out the more pain you cause for yourself growing in you like tomatoes growing mold on it,
The thoughts of UN accomplishments, the thought that the night at a party with you best friend being closed to get raped starts to go through out your head thinking that it was all your fault.
The word that hurts the word and causes lots more pain is
This word is much stronger and powerful than any other word in the universe, but it is commonly and always missed used.
Just the word hate damages your big heart leaving scares on the tubes that pump the red blood cells taking the oxygen to the rest of the body. Challenges will come and not all of them will be excellent
But not all will be negative.
Pain and the word hate work together driving deadly thoughts through out you mind.
So use the word and keep your way out of pain. Its the best way to ever go.

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