The Enemy's Opposite

March 25, 2010
Traveling far,
traveling fast,
walk hard,
walk strong.
Stand tall,
stand for what you believe.
Defeat your fears,
confront your nightmares.
Face what you call evil,
for your evil is my good.
Your dark is my light
and your pain is my gain.
Your demise is my rebirth,
my joy is your sorrow.
Live like a coward,
I'll live like a hero.
Cower in fear,
I'll stand strong and proud.
Hide in the dark,
I'll stand plain and visible.
Understand the mystery that you call your enemy,
arrogantly threaten his ways and be struck down.
Criticize what I call passion,
then I'll criticize your heart.
I'll stand and root for your enemy
and hope he brings you a swift and set defeat.
You see, arrogance is dangerous,
for it blinds the ignorant.

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