Flowers for Algernon

March 25, 2010
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My name is Charlie Gordon
I hope they use me
Miss Kinian says maybe they can make me smart
I want to be smart

I had a test today
I think I faled it
I dint see nuthing in the ink
but he said there was picturs there
other pepul saw some picturs

Later some men in white coats took me to a
difernt part of the hospital and
gave me a game to play
It was like a race with a white mouse
They called the mouse Algernon
Algernon won every time

Their going to use me
Im so excited I can hardly write
He said I had a good motor-vation
After the operashun Im gonna try to be smart
Im gonna try awful hard

Im skared
I hope I have luck
I want to be smart like other people
If it works perminint they will
make everybody smart all over the world
Dr. Nemur took away my box of candy
You cant eat befor a operashun…

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