March 24, 2010
You walk into a part,
each face as unknown as the last.
You can't help but think
this will be one to remember.

Smoke, laughing, sighs and singing
surround you like a constant ringing.
You make your way through the crowd,
Only to come up to a cloud.
White puffs hang in the air
while the parties swing and swear.

Out of the smoke,
one lonely girl sips her bottle Coke.
High from the cloud,
you whipser aloud,
"If only I was as smart as this girl,
I wouldn't be standing as white as a pearl."

Your story ends
the upper court's decision pends.
Will you be cursed to this town,
will you be sent down,
will you see the sparkling white,
will this be the end of your after sight?

You make your choice,
you have your voice.
Speak up and you will hear
the court's decision high and fair.

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