An Aching Lover's Quest

March 24, 2010
By TheTallOne35 BRONZE, Buckner, Kentucky
TheTallOne35 BRONZE, Buckner, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
"To take the madness out of love will leave you standing there with nothing."

Thud, Thud gores the heart of the aching lover
Longing to find his match
Thud, Thud goes the heart of she, under cover
Finding it easy to not attach
As the stars light the sky with help from the moon
The longing becomes more intense
“Oh how I wish I could share such beauty with you.”
Words muttered in his defense
The tears from his eyes reach way to the tongue
They taste like the sadness they show
They show the journey of the aching lover, longing for love
In his journey, he’s at an all-time low
Nevermore be the sadness, and the grief, and the pain
All cause by this journey he leads
Nevermore be the hardship caused by Cupid’s little game
He’s finished with love, which is his creed
Knock, Knock comes the sound at the door
No one knows who it may be
Knock, Knock comes the sound once more
And when he answers, it is she
Her beauty takes his breath away, more than anything before
More than the day he spent with her
It’s only comparable to the Gods in Greek folk-lore
She asked if she could come in, he said sure
An apology, spoken softly, with a bittersweet tongue
An embrace, so awkward, not enounced to him
He pulls away, because she said she’s just young
And the fact that his patience is wearing thin
He’s finished he says without a tremor in his voice
Walk, walk out my door
Remember what happened or forget, that is your choice
But I can’t have you here anymore

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