Writing Poems in the Shower

September 1, 2007
Writing Poems in the Shower Thoughts Profound, disturbing, And scary. Pool at the bottom Of my shower Like the mold I never want to think about But end up dealing with, Anyway. And, equally like the mold, I have no idea where they came from. Because right now, The only thoughts on my mind Are about where this poem is going, And my lack of soap. But I digress. I like writing poems in the shower, But sometimes I wonder why a moldy white stall, Hot sprays of water, and soap, Are so compelling. Maybe, Since I canÕt stand to think about where I am, I have to think about something else For a change. Standing, now At my computer. With wet hair and a towel I realize That this particular poem Cannot be One of the thoughts whose fingers Dig deep and sharp Through my dreams. Because, like the mold Clinging to my shower door, I never want to touch Those. "

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