Fatuous Devotion

March 24, 2010
By Bambi04 BRONZE, Snohomish, Washington
Bambi04 BRONZE, Snohomish, Washington
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Racing through life
All we can do is want
Only making pit stops
Taking what we can't yet flaunt

Wanting and needing
It feels so right, but oh so wrong
Taking from you everything
This has gone on for so very long

We learn to not take
But not to not bargain
We learn to be all that we can
And to try to stay in the right lane

I take from you
What you will give me
"Anything" You say
But anything is everything I see

Day by day
I just keep on taking
Night by night
You just keep on giving

Days have gone
Years have passed
I finished first
You finished last

But only for what the eye can see
For what real passion speaks
I am old and lost
And you are old yet free

Your lifted spirits
My weighed down life
I was once so confused
But now I understand how it wasn't right

We both did all we could
To make me happy
And this has made you beautiful
And me on the inside ugly

Oh how I regret
Making the choices I made
Oh how I wish
That my real past could fade

More like you
I would be
If only we could change history

The author's comments:
I might have written this poem no matter what. But the main inspiration was a speech I had to give in my public speaking class. I don't really tell people what my poems are about, because people get from peoms what they will. I do hope everyone enjoys it of course, I was very happy when a friend asked for a copy.

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