March 24, 2010
By adeline59 SILVER, Severna Park, Maryland
adeline59 SILVER, Severna Park, Maryland
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"If you inflict negativity on a papaya tree, you have harmed millions of stars." -Steve Ross

Three sisters starting from their web-sealed cave
Follow the thread of light from celestial spinner's wave.

Struck down from her home among the beating stars
Adeline lies naked, pristine skin our earth's rock mars.

Three sisters riding swiftly towards an unseen goal
Adeline in their minds' eyes, not to be left whole.

Adeline tries to rise, but finds her fingers heavy
Something she doesn't know, this planet's gravity.

Three sisters ready knives of glinting prepared steel
To plunge into Adeline's chest, her red heart to steal.

Nine hundred year's they've lived, and nine hundred more
Three sisters swiftly and lethally ride towards.

If there were a hero, his call-card reading brave and tall
Perhaps he could help Adeline, the star that dared to fall.

Because in this fantastic world of absolute wrong and right
Women have little chance for victory in any sort of fight.

So Adeline had her heart cut out by witches seeking life
Only to postpone the day when they must repeat this strife.

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