broken thoughts.

March 24, 2010
By Anonymous

and sometimes when I'm all alone 
I think of calling up your phone
and telling you the reasons why 
tears can't stop falling from my eyes and how I wish that you were here 
to hold me close and feel you near
to feel your breath upon my cheek 
and whispher words that make me weak
to be able to rely on you 
when no one else will be as true
and to feel the warmth of your lips on mine 
and to stay there for the longest time 
to feel the love I never felt 
that made my heart begin to melt
but then I remember it's you I blame 
for the reasons things aren't still the same
because of the lies you always kept from me 
when all I gave you was honesty
it was you who broke me in all my best 
and left me picking up the mess
and I alone felt empty inside 
and still do as I begin to cry
yet here you are down on your knees 
begging for me back, begging me please
and all I wanted was to hold your hand 
and feel as though you loved me again 
but I had to look down at you 
and I had to break your heart too 
you left me with no other choice 
but to tell you with a break in my voice
that it was my love you shot down 
and left me in my tears to drown
but now that I have swam ashore
it is my love you may have no more.

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