A dollar a day

March 23, 2010
By dmm4u06 BRONZE, Phoenix, Illinois
dmm4u06 BRONZE, Phoenix, Illinois
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"Another day another dollar," is what i'd say
Helping me through the day
But you stood there close to me and looked up to see the sky
And said,"It's as beautiful as your eyes
They're a light blue
Just as blue and clear as the cloudy sky
As time goes by we hold hands until the time that we're where we are
unloved, brokenhearted, and far
Being 30,000 miles away is what broke us apart
Your here, I'm there so you searched and found someone new in your heart
I gave you my heart but you pushed it away
Because the girl next to you began to persuade
So it was like we were lost at sea trying to find another day
I guess everything has an ending an beginning
Because that one visit you were pretending
You broke it off and left me broke into tiny pieces
That my world ceased because i wanted to erase and release
Wanting to get rid of the pain
And bring back time making everything, again, the same
But it can't work even if i had something that could
It couldn't get rid of the memory
The things I'd seen
You being hugged up tight with someone that's not me
Kisses to her, that pain I can bear to see
So it'll take me a dollar a day
To keep me from feeling this way.

The author's comments:
this poem is really nice. it deals with a relationship but breaking up

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