March 23, 2010
Sometimes things happen for a reason.

And sometimes time likes to play tricks on you.

And sometimes fate likes to pretend that happily ever afters can exist. But sometimes life gets in the way.

And sometimes there’s this girl who liked a boy, but the boy didn’t like her back. And sometimes we have to make sacrifices and hide our hearts.

And sometimes hugs hurt and smiles are pretend. But sometimes we have to pretend.

Sometimes we forget about the boy. Sometimes it’s okay to forget.

Sometimes we’re okay with not having the boy. Sometimes we get used to friendship.

Sometimes we wish for more. Sometimes we wish we were more. And sometimes we don’t.

And sometimes the boy likes to pretend he can come back into the girl’s life and sweep her off her feet.

Six years later. But sometimes time makes you wise.

Sometimes boys can’t fix everything. Sometimes hearts can’t come out of hiding.

Sometimes love from afar is better than loving that boy next to you. Sometimes the girl knows what’s best.

Sometimes summers come too quickly and time passes by, and sometimes the girl knows that his love couldn’t last. That their love wouldn’t last.

And sometimes it hurts to turn him away.

To turn away those six years of her life.


But sometimes time likes to play tricks on you.

Sometimes things happen for a reason.

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