I don’t need you…

May 16, 2008
I don’t need you…

The touch of your lips,
upon mine.
You brush your oh so ever
soft hands upon my cheek.
The feel of your breath as it runs,
down my neck.

All I hear is the sound of our hearts
and the whispers in the night.

You told me everything was alright,
you said it was o.k.
Now everything is gone, I have
nothing left.
There is no more of our beating
hearts, and our soft whispers.

All I see is your face in my mind
and your hand in another’s.

I gave you all that I ever had,
my heart, my soul, my love.
You just turned and walked away,
throwing it in the wind.
I really thought we had something,
something really special…

After all my love went uncherished,
I realized deep within…

I don’t need you….

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