put your stamp on my page

May 15, 2008
By Teadora Taddeo, Burbank, CA

Put your Stamp on my Page

As I gaze up in sadness, you’re there by my side.
As the tears start to surface, in you I confide.
I know I’ll be gone soon and leave you behind,
But I’d like to have one last walk with you in my mind.

Put a stamp on my page now,
a stamp here my friend.
Let’s walk this old path now,
each turn and each bend.

I’m going quite far now,
And I’m not sure quite why.
Nonetheless I keep going
with you in my mind.
I’ve made it so far now,
I’m wondering why,
I can’t seem to find you
anymore in my mind.
have you finally left me,
crossed over that line,
from a love to a memory
in that hazy skyline?

So lets talk for the last time.
Let’s walk here as friends.
Put a stamp on my page now,
A stamp for the end

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