Cat and Mouse.

March 16, 2010
By Michal BRONZE, St. John, Washington
Michal BRONZE, St. John, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"music is the only thing that makes sense anymore.. . you know if you play loud enough; it keeps the demons out."

Empty are the words that fall from your mouth.
You've mastered the art at this pain causing game.
Though I'm sure you're already aware.
Fact or Fiction:
I don't care.
All I knew was I wanted you there.
Lies spilled from my mouth when asked if everything was ok.
My heart screamed, " GET ME AWAY "
Emotions gone; I am numb.
You are now nothing but a drug. without you; I withdrawl.
I hate you; I don't want you.
You are not pleasant; nor will you ever be.
You're eyes fill with rage, everytime I open my mouth.
You resent me for reasons unknown.
But I must get this out; It took too long I know.
But I was in denial.
Let's be selfish, I know you'd love that.
It's not about me, because I'm not you.
Let me go now.
I won't cause "you"
any more pain.
Freedom now, or so I think.
repition is the game;
let's play again.
You stalk me still, know every move I make.
A cat; watching his prey;
One day he will steal away.
Leaving nothing behind.
"His or no one elses"
Idea planted in his mind

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