Never Undying Time

March 16, 2010
By tcejna BRONZE, Winfield, Illinois
tcejna BRONZE, Winfield, Illinois
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Time melts away into the sorrowful rivers of life
that we all decide to waste with foolish decisions and lies.
The sun rises over the mountains to shine on your new day
that you break and wish to rewind;
to go back against time and take back the sins you’ve committed.
The tree of your life is fading down to the ground.
Now you’re aged and almost done.
Looking at the reflective glass hanging on the wall,
you see yourself,
the true you,
with all the regret on your face.
So you ask yourself, “Is this how you wanted to live your life?”
“If you could, would you start over?”
“Would you tell those lies and break the rules?”
“Would you make your mother cry?”
Don’t waste you’re time on foolish things that don’t matter.
It’s all up to you and how you wish to do things,
but, always remember that one day,
that you will look back on your life,
and you will wish you hadn’t stolen that fifty out of your moms purse,
or that you hadn’t gotten into that car drunk.
Something’s in time you can’t erase.
You can’t turn back the clock and tell God you want a do-over.
God may be forgiving,
but, nobody gets a second chance.
Don’t throw away your time or your life.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by "The Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dali.

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