Stride by Stride

March 16, 2010
By Jake Mullen BRONZE, Mapleton, Illinois
Jake Mullen BRONZE, Mapleton, Illinois
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Marching along, like a good soldier does, tie up my shoes, off we go. On my way, needed some air, I never thought this would consume me whole. Starting off slow, I hear my feet hitting the ground and crunching into the loose gravel like stepping on to a bunch of peanuts. Everyone wants to find the easy way out and running from your problems will seem the easiest way out, but I can tell you from experience that even if you run a 5 minute mile or run all the way to Glasford from Lake Camelot. No matter the weather outside, the fundamentalism of running around the lake or in the open fields of Mapleton helps you acquire independence, vigor, and self-accomplishment.

Taste the air as you pull in your lungs, try to savor it for every step you take. There may be a time when I don’t need to vent out fury while listening to Atreyu or All That Remains. There may be a time where I just need to run and feel free so I’ll listen to Enya or Michael Buble. During my rage endeavors that I embark on I create a sense of seeing nothing but the rocks on the side of the road through a tunnel vision much like looking through an empty paper towel roll. I’ll find myself running for what seems like an hour but in reality I end up running faster and faster until I’m back where I started. The joyful runs help me keep my peace of mind and allow me to think about events or people I would otherwise never figure out. I never really go into a trance like my rage endeavors, yet I still lose track of time. Finding a place to call my own just takes a pair or running shoes and a road.

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