Angry Times

March 16, 2010
By KadeFoster BRONZE, Mapleton, Illinois
KadeFoster BRONZE, Mapleton, Illinois
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Angry that life is taking so long
Angry that life passes me and I can't stop it
Angry that everyone wants something
Angry that they want too much
Angry that I can't handle it all
Angry that people can't see good
Angry that they ignore the bad
Angry that songs are played over and over
Angry that they never play my favorites
Angry that I seem to fail
Angry that no one seems to care if I succede
Angry that life is lonely
Angry that people are constantly crowding me
Angry that people think when I'm queit it means something is wrong
Angry that when I'm queit no one thinks something is wrong
Angry that people think they are better then others
Angry that people
judge you, and hurt you
Angry that I'm just like them

When thinking of people
Anger washes over me
And I realize not even that may clean me

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