Night To Day

March 16, 2010
Night covers day like a favorite blanket, the moon creeps from behind a lonely hillside and takes his place in the shining blue sky as deep blue as a lovers eyes, the stars pop out it seems as they feel like it, soon the sky glitters like millions of spilt diamonds, the owl on her branch greets the night with warm affection as if to say "hello old friend", Coyotes come to cry to the heavens singing their sad songs, Crickets gossip rapidly of the days happenings, night scavengers scurry about searching for treasures, groggy bats flutter from their caves waking to snatch the evening flyers, day critters curled in their homes dreaming of morning light, clouds whisper secrets into the night air. Then the sky turns crimson, the sun peeks from behind waking mountains, critters stretch and shiver from the morning dew, sun breaks through the fog hiding the forest, the owl says goodbye to her friend for now, scavengers hurry home to rest till night fall, sky turns from dark to light, the sun mossy's his way to center stage to over see the beautiful ground he lights, and all is content.

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