Where I am From

March 16, 2010
By Tyler Riney BRONZE, Little Rock, Arkansas
Tyler Riney BRONZE, Little Rock, Arkansas
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I am from the Brown and Black Holy Bible
From the King James Version to New Testament
I am from the last brown house on a large hill
On the big circle were friends from all around come to play
Older people in each house, from the top to the bottom of the hill
I am from the large oak tree that been climbed on by each generation
The sweet honey suckles
Behind the house where me and my friend use to eat on everyday
I am from family gatherings and
From Deanna and Johnny
I am from the neatly and cleanness men’s and men’s that are saved in his blood
I am from being dipped in water
Hearing the church house saying another child saved

I’m from the small Little Rock, Arkansas were everybody knows everybody
Sweet lemon cakes to spicy greens
From my grandfather coming from the long battle of war
The card games me and my grandmother use to play every night after washing up
I am from a small brown drawer
To a dusty fireplace, with so many pages as if I’m re-living that time of my life again

The author's comments:
My English Teacher, Mrs. April Jones

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