Just Dissapear

March 15, 2010
The floor is spinning,
it's out of control.
I look around and can't help but to feel lost.

I'm finally seeing things for what they are,
but why does nothing feel right?

My heart is pounding,
it's pacing in circles.
So, I took a step back.

For a second I stopped breathing,
was this the end?
My palms are sweating, my chin just dropped,
as I fall to my knees I want to cry.
The pain is just too much.

My head is turning,
I can't say I didn't know this would happen,
however, I don't want to make myself believe it.

There's nothing more I can do,
everything is passing by so fast
I hardly have time to take it all in.

I looked out to the crowd
and fixed my eyes upon him.
He was walking away slowly
as if, without a care of what he had done.

The tears began to roll down my cheek,
I was left only to wonder:
How did I get here?
What did I do?
Was this the price to pay for loving you?

Because now it's over,
you tore my heart into two,
and you don't even care.

You don't want to fix it,
or make things right.
So do me a favor,
disappear and just get out of my life.

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