A Sonnet

May 15, 2008
A Sonnet

The sun shines through my transparent skylight
though thoughts and scenes they race around my grasp.
The storm shall come and I much greet the night
politely. I look for you in the mass

of nothing. Empty optimistic oaths
that leave me here with all things but my dreams.
Now, waiting for a ring of promise. Boast
of lies that tend to tear life at the seams.

What’s this? You humble and repent? Fresh start.
New roads to joy. You piece the puzzle of
serenity. New insights into hearts.
Connections deepen. Heartstrings feel a tug.

Our parting brings such bittersweet sorrow.
Dear friend, may God be with you the ‘morrow.

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horrible_writer1 said...
May 6, 2009 at 9:58 pm
I enjoyed that,
It was very refreshing and perfectly formatted.
However, the last lines don't bring a resolution,
they bring "bittersweet sorrow"
I thought that things were all better.
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