Impulsive Penetrator

March 15, 2010
By chubbymonkey123 BRONZE, West Chicago, Illinois
chubbymonkey123 BRONZE, West Chicago, Illinois
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I love being in Chicago
Because I always go for a walk
And then you get that impulse
To go out and find something to penetrate
And then at night, write about it in my notebook
And then again my day starts, with a scream

I wake up to an awful yell
Then I remembered, I’m in Chicago
Because I read it in my notebook
So I went for another walk
In Chicago. Seeking that penetration
Because, of that random impulse

But I was tired of that impulse
And all I could do was, SCREAM!!!
So I tried to forget about it in Chicago
By walking, but then, I got tired of my walk
And started to write on my notebook

I always write on my notebook
Because it helps with the impulse
And I’m tired of just walking
To get away. I just always scream
But I continue my search for help in Chicago
Of that horrible urge to penetrate

Oh why oh why do I just love to penetrate!?!?
And where is my helpful notebook?!?!
…..I probably lost it in Chicago
It was because of that damned impulse
But not this time, I’m not going to scream
And I don’t need to go for another walk

So now I don’t need to walk
And I don’t have to penetrate
And I don’t have to scream
And I don’t need my notebook
Also I forgot that impulse
But I will always live in Chicago

Happily I scream when I walk
In Chicago full of chances to penetrate
As I write in my notebook and hide the impulses

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