March 15, 2010
By Mauro BRONZE, West Chicago, Illinois
Mauro BRONZE, West Chicago, Illinois
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I was walking thought the city of Chicago
I then was getting tired of walking
The site of the city got me impulsive
Like 15mins later I got the word penetrate
Stuck in my head, so I wrote it down in my notebook
I was so pissed at this word that I ended up screaming

The more I thought about it, the more I screamed
I was so sick of this word that I got diarrhea
So I ran to the bathroom with my notebook
When I was done I walked sum more
Out and about with my iPod in my had jamming
The view of Chicago was still impulsive

While listening to my iPod I found a song impulsive
I was so happy that I was screaming
Down the street jamming
Later on I was tired of walking so I found a swing set
To sit and relax, an hour later I got up and started walking
Still with my handy dandy notebook

I was so inspired by the city so I started to write on my notebook
Then I realized I did not know the def of some word
So I still kept on walking
Downtown not knowing what to do so I screamed
Once again through the city of Chicago
I got a feeling of penetrating

Then I needed to penetrate
Asap so I threw my notebook
To this one girl from Chicago
She picked it up and gave it to me I found that impulsive
Then she screamed
I love you while we were walking

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