First Love

March 14, 2010
I looked at my reflection,
To see that moment we kissed,
Gentle and warm, the waves of time and motion,

All of my tears drop down,
Out of the blue,
As I ran out of town, to where I met you,

You were always gonna be my love,
Through the cold and up 'til now,
We'll fly to the clouds above,
You taught me how,
You were always gonna be the one,
Ever since that day,
We saw the sun

The years have gone by,
We've changed in time,
I've been caught by your eye, and you'll always be mine

Thorugh the days we've been told,
I've never felt this way before,
You always kept me warm, and we felt that once more
You will never be apart,
Now and forever you are still the one,
We've been together when were young,
Until our time is done,

You are always gonna be my love,
This is the truth from my heart,
We'll reach for the heavens above,
This is our part,
You are always gonna be the one,
Until our life here is done,

Now and forever

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