Emotions I feel

March 14, 2010
By muggle4life BRONZE, Hamilton, Ohio
muggle4life BRONZE, Hamilton, Ohio
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Having no word that can describe the emotions I feel,

Gently wiping away the tears.

Looking out at the bay,

Watching one more sun set go away,

A smile comeing from deep inside trying to get out but insted I hide.

Not knowing when this will ever end,

Maybe when I see the sun set again,

This Never ending feeling that lies deep inside,

It trys to come out but instead I hide,

I hide the way it feels to be free,

Instead I let it all take over me.

Take over my dreams,hope,And faith

Till slowly my body starts to shake.

Slowly a tear almost comes out.

And I realize it's okay to let it all out.

I let the the build up emotions set me free

And sudenly I remember how it feels to be me

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