Rim Shot

March 14, 2010
By Ender PLATINUM, Hagerstown, Maryland
Ender PLATINUM, Hagerstown, Maryland
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the slow steady beating of the big drums
like the slow beating of my heart
balanced with the hard tap tap tapping and rim clicks
like the sound of it cracking and reducing to fragments
but my soul is strong and won't be torn apart
this music reinforces it so it never collapses
yes, there is some heartache(tap tap click)
there will always be things that chisel away at it(tap tap click)
but I keep going, my heart keeps booming(babum babum)
yes, it hurts, but it's not all consuming(babum babum)
shuffle my feet, but no that's not right
pick them up so as not to stumble
I will not be weakened into rubble
because that's quite a load you're carrying
a mistake here, got hit there
but the show goes on, they don't stop for you
when it's done there comes a break in the day
when the drums take a rest and the fooling around resumes
but not long after do we pick them up again
the throbbing will begin soon(babum babum)
this music creates such a sense of being alive
that we all share, but can't describe
the sound and atmosphere don't just intoxicate
but become a substitute for our hammering hearts
when they get hammered too much(tap tap click)
it revives them when they stop beating(babum babum)
they will always keep beating(babum babum)
mine will always keep beating babum babum

taptaptap click

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